Garrett Morgan he INVENTED three things that are useful to this day

here are some of garrett morgans inventions we still use to this day first the most important one we still use to this day is the traffic lights, second most important is the air conditioner, and last is the gas mask, for military uses while there are in combat.

Born: March 4, 1877, Paris, KY

Died: July 27, 1963, Cleveland, OH

Spouse: Mary Anne Hassek (m. 1908–1963)

Children: Garrett Augustus Morgan, Jr., Cosmo Henry Morgan, John Pierpont Morgan

Siblings: Frank Morgan

Parents: John Hunt Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan

Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. was an African American inventor and community leader. He was the subject of a newspaper feature in Cleveland, Ohio, for a heroic rescue in 1916 of workers trapped within a water intake tunnel, 50 ft beneath Lake Erie.

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