Soccer AKA "Football"

Soccer was first seen over 2000 years ago in China, Greece, and Rome and is still very relevant in todays world
Soccer is a very inexpensive sport to play. You wont need any fancy Equipment to play. All you need are cleats, a ball, a wide field, and something to act as a goal
For anyone who is new to soccer the one rule you should keep in mind is that under any circumstances you are not allowed to touch the ball with your hands during play, The only player with this special privilege is the goalie
"Soccer" isnt actually called soccer, to the rest of the world it is referred to as Football. Very few countries around the world call it soccer instead of football
Although anyone can play soccer the sport requires you to be in pretty descent physical shape. When players train for this sport they are mainly focused on leg strength, endurance, and balance
Soccer is the most popular sport on planet earth probably do to its pure simplicity. Soccer has the most players, spectators, and teams of any other sport
Professional soccer players go through intense training in order get in shape good enough to compete in the sport
Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional soccer player who plays as a forward for Barcelona and is also the captain of the Argentina national team. And is also one of the most well known soccer players
Soccer first became an Olympic sport in 1900 at that time it was also the first team sport introduced to the Olympics
From a numbers stand point Spain is home of two of the best soccer teams on Earth. Real Madrid stands at number one in the world 2028 points followed up by Barcelona at number two with 2005 points


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