The Colony of Delaware by Clint Messer

In the 1600's Henry Hudson went exploring in search of a faster route from Europe to Asia. BUT they sailed through an American river and crashed into a bay that would later be called Hudson Bay. The bay was unknown to other explorers so a year later a sea captain named Samuel Argall was sent out. He was caught in a storm and ended up there too. He called it De-La-Were. Later it was renamed to Delaware.

Hudson sailed back to the Netherlands. He told the dutch about his findings and that the land was great for settling. So they went there and started settling. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT there was a problem. Other people such as the English and the Swede. There were many battle but in the end the English won because of their massive army.

To pass time in between battles the Dutch liked to ice skate in the winter and some times they built walls! Donald Trump confirmed!

Donald Trump approves this message!

Kids liked to play games like leapfrog, blind man's bluff , and cat's cradle.

Since the English got Delaware they had to make laws so they decided to make The Declaration Of Independence. One man voted no and two voted yes and Delaware was the first to have the Declaration.

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