Los Angeles "Creative capital of the world"

Location of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, often known as L.A., is located on the southern side of California. L.A. is known for it's balmy climate, lush scenery, and Mediterranean climate. On a normal day the temperature can rise up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the coldest it gets is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. They're many rare plant species because of the diversity of habitats. Another thing Los Angeles is known for is the wide variety of architecture. In the different neighborhoods you go to, you will find the difference in the building structures. Los Angeles is divided up into 80 neighborhoods and sectioned into 10 different areas. Some of the neighborhoods in Los Angeles include Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Bel Air. Areas in Los Angeles include Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, and Greater Hollywood. L.A. is considered to be the second most popular city right after New York City inhabiting 3 million residents.

View of Downtown Los Angeles

Historical Information

The first official founding date of Los Angeles is September 4, 1781. L.A. was first ruled by the Mexican government, until Americans took control of it by signing the Treaty of Cahuenga on January 13, 1847. Hollywood has been a symbol of the film industry for over 100 years. In 1923 the Memorial Coliseum opened, and just 9 years later Los Angeles hosted the 1932 Summer Olympics. In the 1980s, after people started getting into the film industry, L.A. become the 2nd most populous city in the nation.

Memorial Coliseum at the 1932 Olympics/ When L.A. was first founded


Los Angeles is known as the "Creative Capital of the World" because 1 in 6 residents have a career in the film industry. Los Angeles was even getting that name in the 1900s because some of the finest orchestras were located there. The Los Angeles Music Center is 1 of the 3 largest music centers in the nation. L.A. has always been the center of the film industry and not much has changed. One reason it's the center of film industry is because some of the best and oldest film schools are located in L.A. Because of this, L.A. became the country's 2nd most important theatre city in 1967.

L.A. Music Center

Things To Do

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the most popular beaches to visit in L.A. Tourists enjoy walking down the boardwalk when the sun is setting to see the beautiful view. Venice Beach is located on the southern side of Los Angeles right along the Pacific Ocean. Venice Beach receives millions of visitors a year, and is one of the biggest attractions in L.A.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is most famous for the 3.5 mile walk down the Walk of Fame where celebrities get their recognition. Over 2,500 stars are imbedded into the sidewalk. In 2003 alone, an estimation of 10 million tourists visited the Walk of Fame. People also visit the shops surrounding the stars.

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign stands 45 feet tall and an amazing width of 350 feet. The Hollywood Sign is a little more than 90 years old and was only intended to stay up for a year. The sign used to act as a build board for advertisement, but changed into a famous tourist destination. It wasn't always called the Hollywood Sign, it used to spell out Hollywoodland before they changed it a couple years after building it. They would have to constantly keep repainting it because people would constantly vandalize it, but now they have a lot more security that prevents it from happening. The cost to build the sign was $21,000 which would equal to $295,000 today. Because of the danger of death and injury, people are no longer able to hike up to the sign but many people want to get as close as they can to see it up close.


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