Student Career Day Hosted by NUtech Ventures and Nebraska Innovation Campus

NUtech Ventures and Nebraska Innovation Campus, together with Junior Achievement of Lincoln, hosted career day on March 5 for a group of 13 students from Pound Middle School. Students learned more about NUtech Ventures and the opportunities available at Nebraska Innovation Campus.

To start the day, students attended a career panel discussion led by NUtech’s Mauricio Suarez, Rose Robotham, Cheryl Horst and Zane Gernhart.

NIC’s Brooke Goedert led students on a tour of NIC greenhouse facilities, where students learned about the high-yield crop research taking place at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Shane Farritor led students on a tour of Virtual Incision, sharing about the company's medical robot and leading students on a tour of the company's office space.

The career day concluded with a tour of Nebraska Innovation Studio, a hands-on activity in the studio and lunch with employees from NUtech and NIC.

"We had a great time interacting with this engaged group of students, introducing them to NUtech and Nebraska Innovation Campus, and sharing about potential career paths. We hope this career day sparked new ideas as these students think about their futures." — Joy Eakin, co-organizer and NUtech operations manager

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