Animal Testing A Whimsical Experiment

Animal Testing Shouldn't Be Banned

Animal testing aids researchers in finding drugs and treatments to improve and help medicine.

Animal testing has been proven to help human health as a whole. It ensures the safety of drugs and many other substances humans use or are exposed to regularly.

Scientist use animals for testing because they believe they are similar to humans. Also, alternate methods of testing do not stimulate humans in the same way.

Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Animal testing causes animal deaths, some animals are killed instantly after each trial.

It cost a sensational amount of money, it is costly to feed and keep the animals caged, which causes increases in the cost of purchasing the product.

Animal testing does not prove to contribute to medical break throughs

Animal testing does not have a 100% success rate and passes some deadly drugs and products.

As a group of PETA members, we all agree that animal testing should be banned. Animal testing does not have a 100% success rate which is why we are all brain dead. Also, it kills poor animals and is in favor of the richer animals like the privileged purebreds. More animals have been killed than the Jewish people in Adolf Hitlers regime.



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