Transformations in Real Life Myles & Saleh


Now, before we start, what are Translations? Translations, or Slides is the action of moving something up, down, left, or right. Here's an example-

-A flock of Snow Geese-

In this image, we see a flock of Snow Geese, but how is that a translation? Here's how; Imagine that you had a Snow Goose, and you translated it all around, then kept the image. That's what's happening here! A Snow Goose was translated (Not literally) all around the sky, forming a flock!


What are reflections? A reflection is when something is flipped, creating a mirror image. Here's an example-

-Two fighter jets-

This image shows two fighter jets, with one flying above the other. It's also a reflection! While not a perfect mirror image (I imagine it's hard to reflect while flying), it still shows an example of a reflection. Here are more examples of reflections-

A reflection of another snow goose.


A rotation is when a shape is spun, or rotated around a certain angle. (Ex- 90 Degrees, 180 Degrees).

A Ferris Wheel

A Ferris wheel is an example of rotation, the people riding it spin with the wheel!

A 90 Degree Rotation


A dilation is when a shape grows larger or smaller, but stays congruent, other than in size. Here's an example-

A Dilation

This is an example of a dilation, in this example the cubes on the left have been dilated by a scale factor of two.

Here are more examples-

This was our presentation on Transformations!


Created with images by aitoff - "pie pi circle" • Unsplash - "geese flock bird" • skeeze - "jets air show aerial demonstration" • Peaches&Cream - "reflection" • Arsene - "Ferris Wheel @ AIA Carnival"

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