Body Systems By: Alyson moran

Each side of the brain is responsible for one side of the body

The brain also controls the hands , the legs and basically the whole body

The food will make a 24 hour journey down his or her stomach

Enamel is the hard part of the teeth that help people chew and tear food

The stomach is about the size of a boxing glove

When oxygen goes inside the body it goes through the blood stream

The air we breathe comes inside our body by the nose and mouth

The lungs are like a sponge that absorb air

Without our muscles our bones would mostly be useless

Muscles end in tendons

Every muscle cell is as thin as a strand of hair

Everyone is born with about 336 bones

Bones are made out of living tissue

The backbone mostly supports the upper body


Created with images by jakintza_ikastola - "Human Bodies" • IsaacMao - "Brain" • Hey Paul Studios - "Digestive System Anatomical Embroidery Hoop Art. Hand Painted Blue Watercolor." • Tmelu - "Human respiratory system" • evillalba - "Hand and Wrist" • schlappohr - "skeleton human skull"

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