2017 SE Asia Cruise Celebrity constellation

We started off with an overnight stay at the airport in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Singapore. Not a bad place to spend a night, but we didn't have time to enjoy this amazing pool!

Our first day in Singapore included a trip to the Domed Gardens and Cloud Forest, 2 major attractions.

Selfies. Yes, like everyone else, we grabbed a few. This is inside the Dome Gardens, a beautiful, completely enclosed glass dome filled with a variety of plant life.

Everyone was taking selfies, unfortunately using these obnoxious selfie sticks. I started a whole album of people doing this!

This is inside the Cloud Forest, another dome of glass even bigger than the garden dome. You get to walk along these elevated platforms all the way up and behind the waterfall.

Looking down from one of the higher platforms.

After several hours in and around the gardens, we made our way to an outdoor food mart to grab some dinner. This is a typical sign to greet you at a food station. And we thought American fast food menus get confusing and busy!

This area of Singapore comes alive at night with all the lights! Click a photo to see them larger.

We had to take a trip to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

We see great architecture all around us living in Chicago, but Singapore kinda blew that away. There is so much amazing design in the buildings everywhere.

You better not be afraid of heights to swim in this pool!

You always have to visit the markets. Get that cheap souvenir t-shirt and photos!

We boarded our ship, the Celebrity Constellation, after our couple days in Singapore.

So much to see, eat and ponder over.

Our first stop was Ho Chi Minh City.

Let's start by taking a look at the traffic. It was insane, but not the worst of what we would see on the trip. Mopeds ruled in all the places we visited with the exception of Singapore. Ho Chi Minh City was our first exposure to mopeds carrying all sorts of stuff, and even entire families!

I don't even know what this is. Maybe it flies? LOL!

There were many times where it felt like someone waved a flag and everyone would just go.

What a balancing act!

The Saigon Post Office

This is the oldest building used for a post office in either all of Asia or some larger geographic region. I missed what our guide Kha said.

This man has worked at this spot in the post office for many decades translating letters for people. He’s in his 80s now and is not here every day.

Lunch at former US ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge’s home.

The lunch was arranged by our excursion provider "Trails of Indochina". We can't recommend them highly enough for great tours everywhere we visited.

That's not a lobster, it's a prawn.

When you visit a foreign land, you have to visit palaces with bunkers.

Da Nang and Hoi An Vietnam proved to be pleasant surprises for us all and we loved our visit to both.

We drove from the cruise port to Da Nang first, going past rice fields, clam farmers and over a mountain.

The Dragon Bridge was too cool!

Most of our time in Da Nang was driving around with a couple stops, but then we were off to Hoi An.

The markets are a part of everyday life. We were envious of the options and freshness. You don't go to a grocery store. You go to the market and buy straight from the farmer, cook, butcher or fisherman.


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