Utah Symbols BI berkley

the rocky mountain elk was once found over most of the united states. because of that they made it are state animal.
the beehive stands for industry.
state floral emblem the sego lily was declared as the state flower.
the cherry as the official state fruit in 1997.
the cutthroat trout has 15 recognized subspecies.
industry official became the state motto march 4, 1959.
Utah this is the place on Friday February 2003.
forth grade didn´t think that the blue spruce represent the stat of Utah whole.
the California seagull an act of the leaser in 1955.
topaz is a gem and it was found with quarts.
since the colonial day of 1775 are state flag has been official.
are state mineral has been copper ever since 1994.
are state vegetable has been sugar beet since 2002.
are state fossil is the allosauruse specimens have been found in two of Utah's quarries than any other dinisoar.


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