who came to Singapore and why ?

This pie chart shows the amount of people who came to Singapore in 1822.

This pie chart shows how many people came to Singapore in 1822 most people where from China and Malaysia

The reason some of the people came to Singapore in 1822 was because there where lots of options for jobs, This is because lots of people from poor countries came to Singapore to work. The jobs that they could have done were cut down the trees, build houses, building roads, marketing and even slavery. People also used to make boats out of timbre a type of strong wood to hold things like boats together. You could make knife handles out of sap from trees to cut the trees down when they had to too make Singapore.

This is why people from countries like India, Malaysia and China worked in Singapore. It was A lot more easy from coming from china on ships to pass through Singapore if going to India or some place like that.

This picture is the tree that you can make knife handles with called sap.
This is a picture of some people in Singapore working.

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