Going Bovine Chapters 12-14 kAya brown, Michael peake, casey taylor

Chapters 12-14

  • Cameron runs through his options on his afterlife based on different beliefs of religions and comes to the conclusion that he's pretty unlucky no matter what he does.
  • Staci is now paying attention to Cameron because he's dying.
  • He sees the angel girl again, this time in the bleachers of the gym, and then she spreads her wings and say "Hello, Cameron!".
  • He's delusional at this moment. He can't tell if he's taking out loud or inside his head so he doesn't know if everybody can hear him.
  • They're going to try a new experiment and in Cam's morphine haze he thinks it's a terrific idea not knowing exactly what's going on.
  • He was in the hospital for up to half a month , his friends came to check up on his mental status
  • The old man across the hall is coughing up a storm , Cameron ask that "That if god exists , can he take me instead of him"
  • Cameron Doesn't Know when the end is coming , and he's accusing God of cursing him with this disease , he's just in so much pain & distraught.
  • Gonzo comes to see me , Cameron still is lying on the hospital bed sick , barely can move.


  • Karmic - relating to or characteristic of karma
  • Primordial - existing at or from the beginning of time
  • Neurological - relating to the anatomy functions , & organic disorders of nerves
  • Denouement - the final part of a play , movie or narrative
  • Grudgingly - in a reluctant or resentful manner
  • Alzheimer - progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age


We think the book was funny but at time too much curse words. I felt that the book was informative but boring. I Think the book is way too long to read and hearing his voice makes me sleepy.

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Kaya Brown

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