Cardboard How can making cardboard effect our ENVIRONMENT and our ECONOMY?

Cardboard is a product that everyone can use, and probably has.


But.... have you ever thought about the environment?


Well someone has to.

I decided to do this myself and came up with these questions.

Cardboard box

1.What are the steps to make cardboard? 0:23-1:35

2. What are some products involved with cardboard?

Some products involved with cardboard: Paper, Ink, Glue, And Box Cutters

Recycled paper is used to make the inside flute and the outside liner. It is blown with steam so that it strengthens.

Ink is used to make the designs on the cardboard. It is water based so that it doesn't have as much of environmental impact.

Glue is used to glue the flute and liners together.

Box cutters cut cardboard into different sized pieces so that they fit the company's needs.

3. What are some chemical and physical changes that are harmful to the environment?

First of all, a tree to paper is harmful to the environment because all animals (AND Humans) can't breathe. Why? because trees give us oxygen!

Also every chemical change is accompanied with a physical change, so a tree to paper is also a physical change!

Steam is also blown onto the flute in the middle of cardboard to make it stronger, and if that happens then that means it is a physical change. That can go out of factories with fossil fuels and harm us even more!

4. How can society reduce environmental impact?


Well, if we recycled cardboard by ourselves to make other things we could have less gases (from landfills and dumps) that pollute the earth.

Also if you burn cardboard at home, it will let off gases as well.

Why throw cardboard away when you can do so much with it garbage cans, Virtual reality, think of some thing, cardboard can probably do it. Just look!


If this doesn't convince you, I don't know what will! Stop throwing cardboard away! Keep it! Do whatever you want other than throw it away! Sorry, I should calm down. If you can, please don't throw away your cardboard. Use it to make a handbag, a fort, a dog or cat house, or a toy box. There are endless possibilities. Just think!

Well, this is the end of my presentation. Thanks for listening and goodbye!


Wikipedia: Cardboard

How its made cardboard boxes: Youtube

Physical vs. Chemical changes: Youtube

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Nathaniel Pearson


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