If You Like . . . , Then Try . . . By Vivian Mechem - if you lIke Lock and key by sarah dessen, then try just listen by sarah dessen.

Sarah Dessen has wriotten many novels. Two of her books are Lock and Key and Just Listen. In both novels, the main characters have trouble within their families and at school. In Lock and Key, the main character, Ruby, moves in with her sister and her husband after her mother abandoned her. Ruby begins attending a fancy private school and is very upset by the transfer from an underfunded public school to the private school. In Just Listen, a teenage girl named Anabel struggles at home with her older sister, who's developed an eating disorder. Anabel has trouble at school after her old best friend spread rumors. Both novels revolve around the characters finding themselves and finding people they can rely on.

In Lock and Key, Ruby has trouble connecting with her sister and convinces herself that she doesn't need any help from her family or her friends.

In Just Listen, Anabel has trouble telling her family what's going on in her life. She meets a boy named Owen, who always tells the truth. Anabel eventually spills out the secrets she's been holding in, and Owen asks her to tell her family so they can help her.

If you liked Lock and Key, try Just Listen. Sarah Dessen takes real-world problems and puts them into an emotional, entertaining story.


Presentation by Vivian Mechem Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

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