Forbidden Desires By: Madison Schneckenberger

On a dark and stormy night , in a village for away, there was a boy named Hansel. Hansel does woodcutting for his dad each morning for firewood to keep warm during the winter. Hansel had a sister named Gretel. Gretel did laundry, dishes and chores around the house. Since thier mom died after she had Hansel and Gretel, their dad remarried and they had a stepmom that made every meal.

Hansel was 14 and looked like a toothpick, but he could still pick up lumber logs. Gretel was seven, never the blame for anything and always making everyone else happy besides herself. The children wouldn't talk back, Hansel and Gretel would just do what they were told to, while their parents were not ordinary people they wouldn't let their children just be kids. They would hit the children, curse at them, and treat them as their slaves. Their father would make Hansel do his woodcutting for him without giving them anything more than the food and water they needed to stay alive.

Next, their stepmother and father had wicked plans for Gretel when she became of age. On a summer night around 10:00, Hansel heard his parents discussing their plans for Gretel and Hansel knew he had to save his sister. The plans were that they were going to send her away to a deserted island and kill her there so no one else could hear her scream. Hansel and Gretel took a walk through the woods to do the woodcutting for their dad. The next time their father took them out into the woods, Hansel and Gretel's father kept small crusts of bread that was their dinner in his pocket.

Most of the time, when their father led them into the woods Hansel and Gretel would leave a trail of pebbles to find their way home. This time after hearing the wicked plans that Hansel's stepmother and dad for Gretel when she turned of age. Hansel left a trail of breadcrumbs knowing the birds would eat them up so that way his sister wouldn't know they were trying not to get back home

Father says, “Children, you better have this work done before dark and be home by bedtime!”

Hansels father slapped him across the face and he fell to the ground. When Hansel fell to the ground, he turned around and his father was gone. Hansel pretended to be as shocked as his sister was when finding that the trail of crumbs Hansel had left was gone after their father had already left. .

Gretel said, “Hansel which way do we go at this moment?”

Hansel said “Don't worry Gretel. I'm sure we can find our way back home.”

“But Hansel I'm cold, tired and hungry,”cried his sister.

“Come on Gretel, we’ll just have to search for food and water.”

They went in search of these things and saw a strange house that or was to be made out of vegetables. They started munching on carrots that framed the window and the spinach that made up the lawn around the house. All of a sudden, an old woman opened the door and peered out at them.

Old women said, “Oh… hello children. Come in, come in, you look so hungry.”

Gretel said, “Oh thank you ma'am!”

Hansel thought, “This place couldn't been any worse from where they came from.“Thank you.”

The children devoured all the nutritious food the old woman offered them.

The Old woman said, “Where is your father or mother?”

Hansel replied “We left him because he was abusive to us.”

“Oh, I see, now why you are lost into the woods. Well you are safe with me now,”explained the witch.

“Thank you, Hansel spoke”

The witch was so nice, she taught Hansel how to hunt. She also taught Gretel how to garden so she could be a good housewife for when the time came. Gretel knew that the life she lived before was a life of loss.

A month later, after an exhaustive search, the father once in for all found his children. He went in to go save his children, but of course his idea of rescuing was to keep them as his slaves.

Gretel heated the oven to make dinner for Hansel and the old lady. Their father came to the door, Hansel and Gretel opened it.

Father said, “Hurry and return home children, I'll stall the old woman.”

Hansel knew it was a trick, so he threw him into the heated oven. They left him to cook for several hours while they worked together to prepare a delightful meal.

As they feasted on his flesh, Hansel and Gretel lived in their happiness. They were forever part of a family. They lived with the old woman and lived happily ever after.

Created By
Madison Schneckenberger


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