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MacBook Description and New Features

  • The MacBook comes in 4 colours, Gold, Rosegold, Space Grey and Silver
  • Retina 12-Inch display
  • Full size keyboard and a trackpad with force touch and vibrations.
  • Latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technoledgy as well as the new USB-C port for charging.
  • Absolutly silent and 25 percent faster.
  • The battery life last up to 10 hours
  • Built in apps

Considerations when Buying

When diciding what laptop to purchase for school classes I had lots of key factores I was looking for. The essential feature was weight, I knew that I would have to be carrying it around all day and it would also have to fit in my school bag. The MacBook is 13 Inches and is the lightest MacBook Apple provides. It aslo hase 256 GB storage for all of my class work and textbooks, this is something that defiantly had a impact on my choice. I also was looking for the new Space Grey colour that Apple introduced this year which helped me make my finial descion between the MacBook or the Mac Air, which didn’t come in Space Grey. The reviews were outstanding for the Space Grey MacBook and Apple provided persuasive advertising on the their website making it stand out from the other Apple Laptops.

One of the scrifices I had to make was the lack of USB port in the laptop. It only has a headphone jack and a charging slot. After doing some research I found that you can buy a converture for an extra $16.95. This is helpful so I can charge my phone and transfer files from a USB onto my laptop.

Where to Buy

The closest Apple store was located at Chatswood Chase, Sydney. I also considered buying one off Ebay, however I was concerned about warrintie issues and authenticitie. I made the finial conclusion that if I bought it from an Apple Store I would have the convinice to be able to take it back to any Apple stall to get any problems fixed.


The method of payment that I used to pay for my MacBook was using Credit Card. This was the most convenient way to pay as the laptop was $1,999 and that would be to much to pay in cash. Another apropriate way to pay would be EFTPOS, this is handy if you already have the money to pay for the laptop and you would prefer not to pay it back in the future.

Process of Resolving an Issue


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