What I learned about the American Revolution Jordan acton

British laws and acts was one reason the war started. The British wanted to change things that the people did not want and that caused them to rebel and the British did not like that and it started a part of the war.

The French and Indian War also lead up to the Revolution war. They were already in a hard time and with other things that pushed the British was not helpful and this help lead to the British to push back.

The Sugar act is another thing that caused the American Revolution to start too because they were trying to raise taxes. The people did not want them to do that they were tired of paying for everything. The army people have to be payed some how so taxes was one way they helped pay for everything that they had to buy for the wars they have and will have.

The Boston tea party was one other thing that lead up to the war. When they Americans went and threw all the tea off the ship. That did not make the British happy and they fought back on that. Everyone was mad at eachother and that is what helped to lead up to the war.

The Boston Massacre was another thing that caused the war to happen. When the Americans were ready to fight they had things hidden. When they threw a snowball they fired back and a lot of people died that night that is one other thing that caused the war to start.

Three battles of the war are The Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, The Sugar act. All of the smaller things lead up to the big war itself.

One outcome of the war was the American people got their freedom back. They did not need to live by the British rules and taxes. They 13 states were free and could not come and join the United States of America.



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