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Welcome to the MHS STEM Experience. This presentation will take you on a journey to show what MHS has done to promote the use of STEM so you can see our good faith effort, but also why we need the grant to better support the wants and needs of our students and staff.

Notice this poster in the background of the above picture. These are hanging in all of our math and science classrooms.

We have a loving and caring staff that promotes a family culture with students by getting involved in all aspects of student growth and development. "Those that play together stay together." This lends itself to a school where STEM could thrive.

Here are some ways we have tried to incorporate STEM on a tight school budget to provide opportunities for our students.

Meet some of our Student Tech Desk members. They work on independent projects in STEM related fields as well as help faculty and students with technology issues. Their projects focus on coding, web design, video and music editing, AutoCAD and much more.

MLTI/Apple coder Tim Hart comes in to our HS and MS for free on a regular basis to work on the Swift coding language.

A student in the Student Tech Desk course is independently coding his own website to present his economics consumer simulation project.

Student Quote:"I feel that my school didn't have many offerings of courses in STEM. I am going to major in computer science and the only related class available is the optional Student Tech Help Desk. It allows me to pursue my goals, but I feel that there should be more classes available that branches into other areas of technology and STEM related fields."

Our staff has started to use Breakoutedu to increase the problem solving skills necessary to support STEM learning. We have submitted three games to the community, on substance abuse, science, and derivatives for AP Calculus.

Providing leadership opportunities for students. Here, one of our students is presenting at ACTEM on his journey to learn coding, and gave advice on ways educators can get young students more actively involved in this field. Watch the video of the game below that he coded as his independent project through the Student Tech Desk Course.

Students work with staff members to certify them in the Google Suite products for our badging system.

STEAM Project where students from the art class collaborated with the technology integrator to create the mural for the new Student Tech Desk classroom. Paint was donated by the teachers for this endeavor. Not seen in this picture is the Student Tech Desk sign that was created by a wood shop student on his own time and then painted by a couple art students.

Final after many engineering design cycle iterations.

We have many students interested in experiencing STEM based learning.

Here are our Science Olympiads hard at work building an electric vehicle.

Time to think about how to keep time in the clock building competition.

Medal winning team for the Air Trajectory competition.

We need to be prepared for the students coming up.

Our incoming students have focused on the mathematical problem solving process and effective mathematical communication using the CueThink App.

They are now growing up with makerspaces, 3D printing labs, coding clubs, and Media Centers which are now common place in our 5 elementary schools and the middle school.

We need to continue to foster these inquisitive minds.

Students, staff and the community come together to participate in STEM learning.

Thank you from all of us for considering our application for this grant to give us one more STEM option for our high school.

We will leave you with this final statement.

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