Water Issues Bene 3-2

There are many water issues. Water issues are problems around the world which are connected to water. All types of people can cause these these problems. Even people in developed countries have mistakes when they don’t know the importance of water and waste it either on purpose or on accident. Around the world, over one billion people are drinking contaminated water. Water is one of the needs for creatures and plants. They do their best to reach their need for water. When there’s no water, it causes problems such as droughts which are dangerous in many ways. Water shortages are very common is developing and undeveloped areas. About 70% of the world is water, but we can only reach 3% of it. The rest are in places like icebergs and other places that may be dangerous to collect. Everyone should help conserve our precious water.

Of course, water issues happen all over the world, but in some areas, it occurs everyday. Places in India, Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia suffer from many types of water issues. The reason why this happens in those areas is that they are still developing and may not have that much knowledge or any technology. The two main reasons why water issues happens is because of nature and also how human beings use and waste the water they have.

Watering the lawn the correct amount.

Water plants when it is necessary only.

Tell gardeners that they need to water plants when it is between 9:00 A.M. and noon or 8:00 P.M.

Not watering 3 days in a row in a week during hot weather.

You can conserve water by putting a shutoff nozzle on your garden hose.

Using soaker hoses or drip irrigation for flower beds. They save up to 50% of water compared to a sprinkler.

Use a broom to clean a sidewalk or the floor instead of washing it down with a garden hose.

Checking for leaks.

You can use compost or mulch to stop water runoff and evaporation.

Checking to make sure that the water ends up on the plants, not the pavement.

Buying plants that don’t need too much water and only need a normal amount of water in your country’s weather.

Wind makes the water that you have watered the plants with blow away. You could only water plants only the days that have good weather.

Making sure that water don’t spill out of pools too much.

Using a toilet bowl correctly by not using it as a wastebasket would save up to 5 gallons of water each flush

Buying toilet bowls that have small flushing systems instead of a toilet bowl with big flushing systems.

Repairing water leaks as quickly as possible or either putting a tub under the leak to reuse that water for something else.

Washing cloths in big bundles all together. Some types of washing machines use 30-50 gallons for each round both full or not.

Filling a bathtub with water to only the necessary amount.

Fixing leaking faucets right away will save about 140 gallons each week.

Use low flow shower heads while you wash up. If you shower the correct amount, it can save u to 700 gallons a month. Even better, if you use a low flow shower head, you may save 800 gallons every month.

Using a dishwasher when the whole thing is full.

Setting your pool or spa not too warm because it just evaporates if you do.

If you put a water stopper into the sink when you wash dishes by hand.

Refrigerating water in the fridge instead of running the tap until the water is cool.

Turning the tap off while brushing or doing something will save about 2 gallons of water per minute!

There are many problems caused by drinking dirty water. It could even lead to death! Also, you will be totally unhealthy, which is bad for your future. There are a lot of sicknesses caused by dirty water too. Some of them are Cholera, Amoebiasis, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Hepatitis A, Lead Poisoning, Malaria, Polyomavirus Infection, Polio (Infantile Paralysis), Arsenicosis, Fluorosis, Dracunculiasis (Guinea Worm Disease), Intestinal Worms, Trachoma (eye infection), Typhoid Fever, and Schistosomiasis (Bilzerian). People can’t avoid germs because they can’t be seen with human eyes. Most children are experiencing everything for the first time, so they get more diseases than most adults.


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