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Since 1981 we have been building a community of leaders, thinkers, activists, and social justice organisations. We support their efforts to bring about social change and equality in southern Africa.

"After my release from prison, I obtained my LLM in the UK. Canon Collins Trust took care of me, as it had from the day I was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment during apartheid for resisting the regime. I was 19 years old then; with no educational certificates of any worth. Throughout my incarceration, I was emboldened by the likes of Canon John Collins, to believe that victory is certain. Today I am the Western Cape Public Prosecutor and a father. I appreciate the Trust for supporting me. In this way, they are transforming southern Africa into countries that can be sustained on their own.” Derrick Grootboom

Watch this video of 2019 Canon Collins scholar Thando George. She is in her 4th year LLB at Fort Hare University.

"Becoming the first African Dean of Science in the history of this university, is a humbling achievement. It is important for me to think of how we can transform science and make it more relevant to the country, region and continent. Canon Collins has prepared me with the value system that will guide me in my dreams of what this place could become." Maano Ramutsindela, Canon Collins Alumni

Our Partnerships with Civil Society

Providing legal assistance has been a very powerful way of supporting the struggle for a free and democratic South Africa since the mid-1950’s, when our founder began his struggle against apartheid. Since that time we have taken many approaches to providing activists and their families with legal assistance. These days, we do it mainly through supporting partner organisations based in South Africa.

The Legal Resources Centre (LRC) conducts litigation on behalf of vulnerable and marginalised people. They work on law reform and public advocacy, and conduct workshops and training with communities to help ordinary South Africans know and assert their human rights. The LRC works with those in greatest need and promotes their human rights and constitutional rights. It increases poor people’s access to shelter, water, medical services, and women’s and children’s rights to live free from violence. http://www.lrc.org.za/

Equal Education is a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equality in South African education, through analysis and activism. Equal Education’s strong research work has informed high-profile national campaigns on issues including school infrastructure and sanitation, and their Law Centre has engaged in pioneering public interest litigation to secure the right to basic education in South Africa. https://equaleducation.org.za/

The work of these two organisations and their achievements are phenomenal, and in our humble estimation, they continue to make history.

Watch this video of the legal assistance the LRC is providing to the city of Makanda (Grahamstown) in the Eastern Cape.

Zimbabwe, where the fight for democracy continues in the face of violent tyranny, is a key focus of our efforts. Meet Canon Collins Alumna, Joanah Mamombe

“2018 was a great year for me in many ways. I graduated as a Canon Collins scholar. I also managed to become Zimbabwe’s youngest MP at 25 years old. But I was later arrested and detained and I am currently facing treason charges, which carry a 20-year sentence. I am aware of the social and political challenges facing Zimbabwe, but the last eight months have shown me that the challenges are much greater than what I imagined! As an opposition MP, the avenues for change are few and yet the expectations from the young people of Zimbabwe are huge.” Joanah Mamombe

Thank you for the hours of preparation, the championing of this important cause, the sweat and pain of the race. Thank you for giving of yourself in this pursuit of freedom and justice for southern Africa.

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