How we express ourselves Tanish Fogat

Week 1

We had to answer three questions and those three questions are in the link above

Week 2

During week 2 we explored our three interests and mine are music drama and dance. The next day we got assigned our exhibition group and in my group are Sia, Aryan Sama, Leia, Agastya Kapadia. On thursday Ms. Hemal gave us a task of building a paper bridge so that we could co-operate with each other by giving our own ideas and building the paper bridge together. On the last day we were making our essential agreements which is a code of conduct for all the team members to be used through the the entire 9 weeks of the exhibition unit . Then later we decided on a team name which was "The Chords Of The Wild".

Week 3

the next day we had decided our central idea and LOI.on tuesday and wednesday we met our mentor and she was Ms. Melissa. and lasty on thurday we wrote all this down. Friday was SLC

Reflection On Exhibition Group

  • i used to think that the exhibition was going to be a little boring.
  • Now I Think it excites me more now
The 2 important things to be answered for exhibition

Week 4

we had another mentor meeting that went on for an hour.

Week 5

Learner Profile reflection

Atributes: today was a good day for me because we were done inquiring about our first LOI

During Week 4 i think i was very open minded about people's idea's

This is a venn diagram where Agastya and I compared jazz and baroque

List your research

  • I researched on....
  • My genre of music -Baroque --i also found out where and when it originated and when it started and ended i found out the instruments that are used in Baroque
  • I need to research on...
  • evolution of music - changes in the music

Research Skills

Formulating Questions - I made up questions that I could research and find lots of information about genre of music like Baroque instrument where and when it originated from

i heard and watched videos to help me understand more about the history of baroque

i began to plan my research when i had selected my genre of music - Baroque

i used the internet to collect data for the history of baroque

i took notes full of main points without

Our group organisation rubric
A poster made by me on a few composers during the baroque period

Week 6

  • Me and Agastya were unable to coordinate well because we weren't really very good friends, We could try to create less conflicts
  • we didn't really let each other speak during the presentation of LOI 1,I think we can give each other a chance and if the other person doesn't know what to then we should say what they are ment to
  • we were not really staying on task and playing around more and then we had to be reminded by someone that we need to work and not play a lot I think that some one should keep a three strike warning on us so that we focus more on work and less on playtime
  • i think that some one should keep a three strike warning
Yellow Hat Reflection
  • We mostly finish our work on time but I think we can work on that a little more.
  • I feel that I did a good research for the first LOI which was on genres of music.
  • I would say that we are pretty good in coordinating with each other.
  • We will complete our research on our second LOI ( evolution of music) on time.
  • I think that we have been the most creative group such as making music notes to display our research of LOI 2

Week 7

Perspective: My perspective about the work we have done is quiet good as of yet and i hope we will either advance or stay at the same level when it comes to research. For example when we were working on the Venn diagram we both used our prior knowledge and researched on it as well

Change: The changes i have seen in me and the group is that nowadays we complete our task on time since everyone (including me) completes their work assigned on time


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