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Hi from Hong Kong!

I've been reminded again this week just how small and connected our world is. On Monday I spent the day with some Auckland and Chinese Principals discussing the foundations for an authentic STEAM programme in schools and then several hours later I was in China speaking with teacher training institutes about the same thing.

There is a great desire, and need, for schools to be globally connected. We can learn so much from each other that goes way beyond the typical cultural exchange type programs (although these are very valuable).

I'd encourage each of you to consider what you can do to connect and collaborate with someone else. You'd benefit enormously from the experience.

Part of this trip has also been spent finalising our plans for our outdoor STEAM learning park. I'm quite excited about this project. We have partnered with a play therapist, a youth leadership coach and an environmental park to develop something truly unique. The land has just started being prepared, and should be ready for the public in a couple of months. I'll post the design concept in the next couple of issues of the newsletter.

As always, the team have been busy working with schools around the world to clarify their vision, develop a strategic plan, and have a whole lot of fun PD along the way. If we can do anything to help you, just let us know


Site for the STEAM Learning Park in Hong Kong

something to make you think...

Is there a digital divide between rich and poor?

Is access to technology equitable? And if not, is the socio economic situation of a community the cause?

This article in the New York Times, explores a different aspect of the digital divide.

Is an all or nothing approach the right one?

Is there a digital divide in your community?

blog posts you may have missed

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Know what you don't know - Four strategies to help you take control of change - In education it seems change is the only constant. Schools are rapidly integrating new ways of teaching and learning in order to make the most of new technologies and innovative ideas. It is difficult for school leaders and teachers to stay perfectly in tune with best practice and emerging trends and as several teachers have told me this last week, ‘We just don’t know what we don’t know!’. By Tim Thatcher

ONE FROM THE ARCHIVES - This comes up in training all the time - Multiple Profiles in Chrome - How to stop signing in and out of your Google accounts in Chrome If you have a business or school Google account (often called a G Suite account), then chances are you have a personal Google account as well. One of the most common things we see when training people who are beginning to use Google tools is the frustration that signing in and out of different accounts can cause. - By Mark Herring

Three awesome Maths sites for basic facts practise - Do you want to use devices in your maths programme but don’t want your students playing any old maths games? Do you want the learning to be purposeful and targeted to your students needs? Read on the discover three sites that fit the brief. - By Donna Golightly

Something we think you'll like...

Creativity and accessibility - what an awesome combination!

Have you ever looked for a site you could use to encourage your students to create their own music? Well, here's a great one we've discovered that takes this to a whole new level!

Keyboard is a collaboration between NYU Ability Project and Google. It's an AI experiment that is a simple musical keyboard you can play with your face, body, mouse, or keys. It's designed to be accessible to all and incredibly easy to use.

Take a look and have a play - what could your students do with it?"

tips of the week...


This is a great tip I got from Ben Collins, and it was recently announced by Google .

It's a simple one, but super useful. Type sheets.new or docs.new, form.new, slides.new into your web browser to instantly create a new Google Sheet, Doc, Form or Slides.

If you haven't logged into you Google account you will be asked to do that. Once you type that in - hey presto you have a new sheet, doc, form or slide ready to go.

It works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


To insert one of the top grey symbols on a key simply touch the key and pull down. Saves from having to switch between keyboards.

If your iPad keyboard doesn't look like this it might be time for an update.

Thanks to Lisa at Hedgehope School for pointing this one out to me! 😀

upcoming events

Did you know that we travel extensively and love going to regional areas to support teachers? Simply reply to this email, or click on the link below, to find out how easy it is to host an event in your region and receive some free tickets for doing so!

Wellington, Tauranga and Hamilton

Technology has been evolving at a rapid pace, artists and designers are pushing the boundaries. New techniques and strategies have emerged which art teachers can harness to engage students in innovative projects.

In this fun, meaningful workshop teachers are supported to explore how new technologies and ideas can be integrated into the art room. Participants will enjoy hands on experimentation and lively discussion around how art, technology and innovative thinking can be integrated into the classroom.

Click on your location to find out more and reserve your spot!

Wellington - November 16 - Only a couple of spaces left!

Hamilton - November 21

Tauranga - November 23

Rotorua, Lumsden, Wanaka, Queenstown and Alexandra

These boot camps are fast paced, 2 day courses that cover a wide range of G Suite tools and how to use them in the classroom. You will also sit the 3 hour Google Certified Educator exam, where you will demonstrate your knowledge with multiple choice and practical scenario questions.

We've seen an increase in demand for our Google Certified Educator boot camps at both Level 1 and 2. This is great, as we think our two day courses have a lot to offer for everyone working with G Suite. There's several locations to choose from below. If you'd like to host one at your school, as always, feel free to get in touch!

GCE Bootcamps - Click on one of the locations listed below to find out more!

Wanaka - Level 1 - November 22 + 23 - Limited spaces left!

Lumsden - Level 1 - November 27 + 28 - Limited spaces left!

Alexandra - Level 1 - February 2019

Queenstown - Level 2 - March 2019

Can't make it in person or prefer to learn online, at your own pace? We now have both Level 1 and Level 2 available as online courses. Check them out here!

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