WHY BE DORMANT? When Christ can be you life?

Each day in the adventure of Christ our life is a new opportunity, a new door of possibility. Every day presents a new opportunity to throw off a piece of humbug and embrace some new aspect of life itself.

Why does what starts in the Spirit fade out and dissipate? Why does what began with great promise become dormant?
Walking and walking but not getting ahead.

Megan saw Jesus sitting under a tree. She sauntered over to Him and said, 'Lord, we've had the Holy Spirit. But we're still going round and round in circles about our mulberry bush. Why? Jesus smiled and replied, ' In Holy Spirit alone, you have no root. No one does. You are rooted in life when you are rooted in Me.'

I will make all things new.

Looking puzzled Megan asked, 'Aren't we rooted in you because we are Christians? 'Possibly,' replied Jesus. 'But I am not a religion.' I am your means of joining you to the life-hub of the universe. The writer of Hebrews calls this new kind of joining the new covenant. 'So what's new about this new covenant?' replied Megan.

Jesus begins the new and living way of his life as our life.

'It's new because it's not the old,' laughed Jesus. 'It's new because we have made it with ourselves. It's not based on what you do. But mainly it's new because it situates your life in Me and not in Adam. 'Would it be too much to say that this means that what you are we now are? Quizzed Megan. That's exactly it. Insightful theologians among you have called this the vicarious humanity of Jesus. It means I am your life.' 'In all respects,' asked Megan. In all respects laughed Jesus. You are graced with Me and I have come by the Spirit to express myself through your being. John called this 'Christ come in the flesh.'

Christ come in you means all times, all places are opportunities for you to ignite them with the Spirit of life flowing through you from the trinity.

'But we are not deities,' said Megan. 'No, but you are sons,' smiled Jesus. 'As sons and daughters you fellowship with us, the Family called the trinity. 'This is what you call our new covenant life,' observed Megan.

You are never alone, never separated from God, always in God's company and always being sculpted into you best self by the ever present Spirit of Sonship.

'Exactly right,' replied Jesus. It's your life as daughters and sons in fellowship with us. 'It's this 'joined with God life' that is life in the Spirit. Living in an old covenant mindset and tied ot the law, you insulate yourself from this fellowship - you smother and dull it and in doing so dull yourselves to a routine of futility that even 'the gifts' cannot undo.'

The gifts and the anointing will never be a substitute for your living in and embracing your new covenant union with God.

The illusion that Christ has come in the law.

"I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh because they have made him come in the law] have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist" 2 John 1.7.

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