The Macabre Project By Hunter Clark

Something dealing with a gruesome, horrible death.

According to, 40,000 human bones are now arranged and the place is now popularly known as the Church of Bones. Some people bring their relatives to be buried there in the "Holy Soil." A half blind monk decorated the church. It is also known as the Church of Bones or the Bone church. It has a chandelier of bones that contains every human bone.

According to, there is an island that is dedicated to a poor girl who died from strange circumstances called the Island of the Dolls. The caretaker of the island was Don Julian Santana Barrera. There is a bunch of dolls hung on trees. Tourist say that they are frightening in day, and creepy at night.

According to an article called The Fire Mummies and Hanging Coffins of the Philippines, the Filipinos put the dead to rest in wooden coffins and in a cave. There are coffins hanging on a steep valley wall in an orderly manner. Dead people are put next to fire. They are buried in pinewood coffins in the cave. Some fire mummies rest in niches or rock outcroppings or isolated yet exposed places.

According to an article called 15 Eerie Things About Japan's Suicide Forest, Northwest of the majestic Mount Fuji is the sprawling 13.5 square miles of Aokigahara. 100 people a year successfully kill themselves in that forest. There are signs telling people to not kill themselves. The forest is rich with magnetic iron. The trees organically twist and turn. People mark their way with a plastic ribbon so they don't get lost.

According to a book called the The Monkey's Paw, this was the story of a man named Mr. White who is given possession of a magic hand called "the Monkey's paw." This magic hand could grant someone only three wishes just like the genie. The first wish from him was to be rich with two hundred pounds. After him and Mrs. White find out that their son died, Mrs. White wished to bring him back to life. They hear a knock on their door. Mr. White is worried that his son might look mangled. So the last wish was for him to disappear. Mrs. White opens the door and their was nothing.

Gothic- A type of architecture in medieval time.

Rose Window

Made of stone.

Pointed archs

Fate- The development of events beyond a person's control (determined by a supernatural power).

Ossuary- A place or a container for bones.

Trapdoor- The mind.

The meat- The movie.

The gators- The monsters of the mind.

Why they need feed- To be content.

Who needs to have their gators fed- Ourselves

The place I would want to visit is Aoakigahara. It's kinda less messed up than the others. I would want to take a look at it. I'm curious to see it. And I want to see something real but I know its bad.

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