Weekly Wrap-Up in the #PAHouse week of November 18, 2019

Bills passed in the PA House during the week of Nov. 18, 2019

Bills awaiting the Governor’s Signature:

• HB 947 (Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh): Amends the Liquor Code to provide consistency for the hours of operation for limited distilleries and breweries. Vote 194-3.

• HB 49 (Rep. Rosemary Brown, R-Monroe/Pike): Would provide for the award of course credit for successful completion of coursework in personal finance during grades 9 through 12, and other School Code amendments. Vote 161-37.

• SB 857 (Sen. Elder Vogel, R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence): Would authorize health care providers to use telemedicine; and to require insurers to provide coverage and reimbursement for its appropriate use by participating network providers. Vote 111-77.

• SB 317 (Sen. John Gordner, R-Columbia/Luzerne/Montour/Northumberland/Snyder): Would change the process for passage of the township’s budget in the case of a revision to the proposed budget revenue or expenditures. Vote 188-0.

• SB 473 (Sen. Mario Scavello, R-Monroe/Northampton): Would increase Pennsylvania’s minimum legal sales age for tobacco products from 18 years of age to 21 years of age. Vote 111-77.

• HB 17 (Rep. Frank Ryan, R-Lebanon): Would require that the collection of assessed Personal Income Tax be made within 10 years from the date the return was first due. Vote 178-9.

• HB 97 (Rep. Kathy Rapp, R-Warren/Crawford/Forest): Amends the Crimes Code by adding “electronic nicotine delivery systems,” or “vaping” devices, to the sections that currently make it illegal to sell tobacco products to minors and, for students, to use tobacco products on school grounds. Vote 185-0.

• HB 227 (Rep. Matt Gabler, R-Clearfield/Elk): Would amend the election code to designate the minimum number of signatures that candidates for school director must collect on nomination petitions in order to be placed on a primary ballot. Vote 187-0.

• HB 962 (Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks): Extends the statute of limitations for civil suits for childhood sexual abuse until the victim reaches the age of 55, eliminates the statute of limitations for filing criminal charges, and waives the Commonwealth’s sovereign immunity and governmental immunity related to childhood sexual abuse. Vote 182-5.

• HB 1171 (Rep. Tarah Toohil, R-Luzerne): Specifies that civil confidentiality agreements do not cover communications with law enforcement. Vote 187-0.

• HB 1203 (Rep. Frank Ryan, R-Lebanon): Would require that the annual audit of an authority must comply with state and federal standards and allow the municipality to review the authorities audit on an as-needed basis. Vote 185-0.

• HB 1402 (Rep. Tedd Nesbit, R-Mercer/Butler): Would establish the offense of sexual extortion. Vote 187-0.

• HB 1896 (Rep. Tim Hennessey, R-Chester/Montgomery): Would authorize the release of a use restriction and reversionary interest affecting land in East Vincent Township, Chester County. Vote 185-0.

Bills heading to the Senate for consideration:

• HB 419 (Rep. Maria Donatucci, D-Philadelphia/Delaware): Would amend the PA Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Screening Act to change the age range of the women who are able to access the screening program. Vote 199-0.

• HB 1061 (Rep. Meghan Schroeder, R-Bucks): Would amend the Telemarketer Registration Act to require the attorney general to establish ongoing communication with the Department of Aging. Vote 199-0.

• HB 1457 (Rep. Meghan Schroeder, R-Bucks): Would provide insurance coverage for certain custom artificial breast reconstruction prostheses post mastectomy surgery. Vote 199-0.

• HB 1772 (Rep. Dawn Keefer, R-York/Cumberland): Would permit a person to paint trees or posts with purple paint around the person’s property in order to place others on notice not to trespass on the property. Vote 199-0.

• HB 1890 (Rep. Frank Ryan, R-Lebanon): Would create a free-standing act known as the Final Disposition of Fetal Remains Act. Vote 123-76.

• HB 1665 (Rep. Craig Staats, R-Bucks): Would designate a bridge on a portion of North Main Street in Bucks County as the Sellersville Veterans Memorial Bridge. Vote 199-0.

• HB 1907 (Rep. Greg Rothman, R-Cumberland): Would designate a bridge over U.S. Route 11/15 in Cumberland County as the Senator Hal Mowery Memorial Bridge. Vote 199-0.

• HB 1982 (Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-Centre/Mifflin): Would authorize the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) to enter into agreements with employers in SERS to make a lump sum payment of all or a portion of the applicable employer’s portion of its future accrued liability contributions. Vote 198-0.

• HB 941 (Rep. Doyle Heffley, R-Carbon): Would require the Department of Human Services to approve the contracts between managed care organizations in the Medicaid program and pharmacy benefit managers and provide for ongoing oversight by allowing the department to collect information about the terms of the contracts. Vote 197-0.

• HB 942 (Rep. Seth Grove, R-York): Would update the current membership of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee within the Department of Human Services. Vote 197-0.

• HB 943 (Rep. Valerie Gaydos, R-Allegheny): Would allow pharmacists to disclose information to an insured individual about the comparative costs of medications. Vote 197-0.

• HB 944 (Rep. Jonathan Fritz, R-Wayne/Susquehanna): Would allow the Department of the Auditor General to conduct full-scale audits and reviews of pharmacy benefit managers that subcontract with Medical Assistance Managed Care Organizations. Vote 197-0.

• HB 1220 (Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Philadelphia): Would direct the Department of Health to make information regarding Cytomegalovirus (CMV) available on the department’s publicly accessible website. Vote 197-0.

• SB 572 (Sen. Ryan Aument, R-Lancaster): Would require providers to follow a set protocol when prescribing opioids, including drug tests, agreements for treatment, and providing specific information about risks of opioids and alternative methods to treat pain. Vote 117-79.

• HB 410 (Rep. Donna Oberlander, R-Clarion/Armstrong/Forest): Would allow U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved anti-obesity drugs to be considered a compensable service under our state Medicaid program. Vote 188-0.

• HB 533 (Rep. Clint Owlett, R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter): Would provide for the use of certain credentialing applications and credentialing requirements for health insurers. Vote 187-0.

• HB 1024 (Rep. Jack Rader Jr., R-Monroe): Would specify that a person does not need to test positive for drugs in order to begin addiction treatment. Vote 188-0.

• HB 1052 (Rep. Eric Nelson, R-Westmoreland): Would amend the administrative code to provide for duties of the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs with respect to persons who leave addiction treatment against medical advice. Vote 188-0.

• HB 1880 (Rep. Keith Gillespie, R-York): Would remove the requirement for last names to be displayed on health care employees' identification badges. Vote 188-0.

• HB 1985 (Rep. John Lawrence, R-Chester/Lancaster): Would prohibit PennDOT from removing certain outdoor advertising signs owned by religious organizations. Vote 188-0.