Boom to Bust By : Cristine Paulo

Abandoned homes

People had to leave their homes and had to start heading west


People lived in bad conditions and had to live here due to money problems .

People left their farms

People left with their families and took their most valuable possessions and took off.

People had to migrate to the West

Due to the dust storm farmers were out of business because the dust storm ended up ruining their crops .

People listen to the radio

For their leisure activities people would gather around their radio for fun


People had to pass their time by doing something fun and one thing that they did was dance .


People sang for entertainment and to pass time

People went to the Cinema to pass timeĀ 

Another way they had fun was going to the Cinema to have some fun .

Children working in factoies

Children had to work in dangerous conditions and got small wages just to get a little bit of money.

Stock market crash

People ended up losing a LOT of money due to the crash and a LOT of Rufus came out of it .


People were layed off from their jobs and were suffering to provide for their family ..

Banks closed

Banks were closed and people waited outside to wait till it finally opened to get their savings back.

Franklin D. Rosevelt In office

Franklin D. Rosevelt the president of that time period

Businesses were left in their own

The government didn't get involved with businesses , businesses were left on its own .

Bank holiday

The government had made the bank had take a day off to try and reconstruct whatever they could .

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