College Athletics & its effect on admissionS

What is the relationship between the success of the athletic teams and the application rate at Clemson University? For Clemson, this mostly means the winning record of our football team and winning important Bowl Games and the National Championship. The applicants to Clemson are affected because as more people apply, it enables Clemson to be more selective. With more applicants, the requirements to get into the University will become more selective whether that means having a higher standardized test, a higher GPA, or a mix of the two, it will make the school more difficult for everyone to get into.

What is the relationship between the success of the athletic teams and the application rate at Clemson University? Furthermore, what does Clemson do with the extra revenue it brings in from the athletic teams?

Literature Review: In an interview with Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Bob Jones from, Jones says “Of those who have received offers of admission, we see the potential for slight increases in GPA, ranking within the high school class, SAT and ACT scores. We will not know for certain until later this spring” when asked about admitted students for the Class of 2020.

Jones credits “[Clemson’s] strong academic reputation, reasonable cost that is low compared to other institutions with the same reputations, and the attractive environment, which includes a desirable location, a beautiful campus, and strong athletics” for the rise in applicants.

As Clemson University’s football team won its Bowl Game, the national interest in becoming a Tiger rose. According to research done by, "Clemson’s website traffic on Jan. 9 was 10 times larger than the normal Monday crowd".

Furthermore, Clemson's social media sites, even those not linked to athletics, gained about 11,000 followers during the 3 day span before and after the National Championship.

According to an article written by, Clemson president Jim Clements said “The success we have in athletics — and, specifically, in football — it helps us in fundraising, the number of applications is going through the roof. The national visibility is increasing significantly. ... It even helps me raise money for engineering and education and business because I can bring in CEOs and partners that want to watch a football game to help our business school or our college of engineering succeed.”

Not only is correlation between sports teams and application rates evident at Clemson University, it can also be seen at the University of Alabama. After winning the National Championship Game in January 2016, a record number of students enrolled for the Fall 2016 semester at the university.

Alabama brags about their record enrollment as it reached a record high of 37,665 for Fall 2016. The entering freshman class, at 7,559 students, is the largest and best qualified in UA history.

More than 40 percent of UA’s 7,559-member freshman class scored 30 or higher on the ACT, up from last year’s record 36 percent.

To find information that will lead me to my conclusion about the correlation between the success of the athletic teams and the application rate, I will read more articles similar to ones that I have already used for my research. Also, I will go to Sikes Hall and see if I can find statistics from previous years of the average ACT/GPA for applicants and compare those to the averages today and see if there is an increase.

Some difficulties I may have with my research plan would be getting information from the admissions office at Clemson University. The information I could obtain from the office would be very helpful in looking at the number of applicants and average scores of the applicants in previous years.

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