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The annual Summer Picnic is scheduled for September 13, 2020, at Lititz Springs Park, provided that groups of 25 or more are able to assemble at that time.

In the chart below is our terrain classification which was recently updated to match what Ride w/GPS uses. The bold text at the front of each is level designation which also appears in the post of the ride on Meetup.

Lead From the Back:

"Celebrate our Freedom"

by Dave Stauffer

WOW, over 50 miles yesterday, over 300 miles last week, mornings are beautiful and light by 5:15 a.m., evenings are light till 9pm; all are indicators that this is July and the time of Tour de Red Rose.

This year’s vintage tour is set up to encourage social distancing which means no large group gatherings at the start. For this season, you can complete the TdRR rides any time you choose. Following scheduled rides is great motivation to get out and go, so find a few friends you trust and go out and pedal the roads.

Even though our TdRR is set up differently this year, we are pleased to offer you additional riding opportunities. We have the B230K which introduces new riders to an increase in distance each time they participate in a next ride. We have” ice cream” rides and a weekly time trial. Also, we will re-start a more regular ride schedule, again, after the TdRR.

The professional Tour de France was postponed for this year, but the event appears to still be on for the end of August. Visit their website to see virtual tour postings. www.letour.fr

Here in Lancaster County, we have gone into the “Green” phase. Hopefully, you are enjoying a bit more liberty, especially since we can celebrate our freedom and independence, on many levels, this week.

Our freedom comes with responsibility to respect others. Almost every decision we make requires balancing our impact that we have on others. Our independent choices can sometimes infringe on others. As an example, my freedom to ride the roads encroaches on a car driver’s freedom to travel at a preferred rate of speed. Unfortunately, I had a recent experience when three separate drivers infringed on my space because they apparently thought their freedom was more important than my right to the road.

Another example is that my free choice not to wear a mask in public can impinge on someone else’s comfort of being in public. Almost everyone I know carries a mask, and though each may prefer not to wear it , they do so because they do not want to contract the virus and pass it on to vulnerable family or loved ones.

Lancaster Bicycle Club (LBC) continues to promote recreational cycling in Lancaster County for all interested cyclists and that is our purpose. Our club has gained over 100 new members since the end of April. In respect to these new riders, remember what it was like to be a new cyclist or a new member of this LBC - that sense of wondering what to do and who is who. Please introduce yourself to a new member and help with any questions they may have. Our openness in embracing these new members will determine how engaged they become and whether they renew their memberships next year.

Keep in mind, too, that ride Leaders and sweeps are critical to hosting scheduled rides, so please let our ride coordinators know if you are interested and can help.

Thank you for being with us throughout these uncertain times. Even though we cancelled the Covered Bridge Ride this year, we were able to distribute over $40,000 in grants to cycling related projects. It was an honor for me to present our check to Lancaster County to assist with covered bridge maintenance. Their response was, “You guys are awesome” and I agree.

See you on the road.

Dave Stauffer-President

Shown above is the proposed design for this year's Bike to 30K jersey which will be available for purchase.

In the article and photos that follow, Dave Stauffer recounts the first four days of his getaway to ride in South Australia. This is part one of two; the second will be published in the August Pedaler.

The article continues below the maps of stages one and two of the Santos Tour Down Under.
The article continues below the following pictures.

Above is the bike path that leads into Barossa Valley, and to the right is Jacob's Creek Road leading into Tanunda.

Riders on the left descend the Mt Lofty bike path; in the center are cyclists arriving at the SAG van near the racecourse, and on the right, riders pass through the vineyards.
Not sure how to envision six feet for purposes of social distancing? As a reference point, imagine two full-size shopping carts placed end to end. Keep that amount of distance between you and another rider.

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