Quality School Development Oakland Unified School District

The Oakland Unified School District is committed to ensuring high quality community schools in every neighborhood.


OUSD's vision states that "all students graduate..." That's 100% - OUSD'S GRADUATION RATE IS 63%

OUSD serves many students affected by trauma that equally expect to become college, career & community ready

90% of African American males in California that do not graduate high school will at one time or another experience incarceration


OUSD's Board of Education has taken a position on Quality Schools.

1. Policy

The policy states that OUSD will...

Establish Performance Quality Standards
Click READ: School Quality Standards approved by Board of Education within Community Schools, Thriving Students Plan

Action Step: Update Standards based on QSD Pillars, ASEL, Equity, Core Values, & Common Core State Standards

Establish Student Outcome Goals
Click above to READ: SPF focused on whole child, equity, impact, and college, career, & community readiness

Action Step: Continue training on the value, role & use of SPF indicators

Make "Steady Progress"
Click above to READ: Designations and how they help track Year-over-Year, how our schools progressing.

QSD Policy: Schools must make "steady progress" on the performance quality standards and student outcomes goals

In order to monitor, support & accelerate "Steady Progress", OUSD is launching Quality School Development Designations


Consistent w/ State's new approach to continuous improvement

Building on school strengths within priority areas
Develop capacity of schools to address disparities in student groups
Supporting schools to identify and improve areas of low performance
  • These Designations will support school communities in being well informed in advance & more actively engaged in continuous improvement.
  • Designations are meant to celebrate success & growth, focus resources, communicate steady progress, & trigger significant accelerations.

Designations will be updated annually, based on Quality School Development SPF performance calculator & targeted SQR's.

QSD Designations 2016-17 (year one)

In year one, there will be three (3) designations.

  • Certified School (Tier 1)
  • Certified Focus School (Tier 2)
  • Certified Priority School (Tier 3)
QSD Designations 2017-18 and Beyond (year two+)

Beginning year two and beyond there will be five (5) designations.

  • Certified Exemplary School (Equity Lens: Top 1/3 Certified Schools w/ smallest achievement gaps)
  • Certified School
  • Certified Focus School
  • Certified Priority School
  • Transformation School (Bottom 1/3 Priority w/ low SQR ratings)

"How are these Designations calculated?"

Designations are based on cut-points rules that allow for all schools to become Certified Schools. Designations are NOT a bell curve requiring some schools to be Designated Certified Priority Schools
x 2 Current Year Academic Growth

Most current performance & emphasizes District's job 1, preparing students to graduate.

x 1 Prior Year Academic Growth

Accounts for trends in performance - results in three years worth of data informing designation

x 1 Current Year Academic Status

Mitigates when growth may mask high performance or low performance

x 1 Current Year Overall Tier

Includes culture & climate indicators

2016-17 Designation Count

  • 31 = Certified Schools (? = Eligible for Certified Exemplary School)
  • 28 = Certified Focus Schools
  • 25 = Certified Priority Schools (7 = Eligible for Transformation Schools)


"What is the role of the Designations?"

What Do We Get:

...will required a more nuanced matrix of factors to ensure schools get what they need. A process for removing school scaffolds of central supports thoughtfully will be developed.

  • Certified Exemplary School (Equity Lens: Top 1/3 Certified Schools)
  • Certified School
  • Certified Focus School
  • Certified Priority School
  • Transformation School (Bottom 1/3 Priority w/ low SQR ratings)


Central Supports-Investment MUST focus on Capacity Building only - these investments are short-term and not ongoing.


Incentives will be created to re-inforce becoming a Certified School (likely the gift of Time - less requirement to attend centrally mandated events), and becoming Exemplary Schools (likely investments in models that are...closing the achievement gap)

Parent Action Teams (PAT)

Parent Action Teams will be formed in the first year of Transformation status and year two of Certified Priority School status.

Parent Empowerment is a focus area for Priority & Transformation schools.

PAT supports the school improvement process and is meaningfully engaged in data analysis and progress monitoring. Efforts are to align with SSC.

2. Policy

Conduct a Review of School Quality Process

Measure performance against standards and outcomes

To be conducted with bottom 1/3 Priority Schools Year One, All Priority Schools Year Three, and Exemplary Schools

Identify Priorities w/ Site Governance Team

OUSD has established a process for every school with teams of stakeholders to engage in data-driven Cycles of Inquiry to plan and monitor strategies to improve student outcomes.

Establish a School Improvement Plan

3. Policy

Identify highest need schools

OUSD is launching Quality School Development Designations to support school communities in being more actively engaged in continuous improvement.

QSD Designations

Certified Priority School
Transformation School


"What happens if a school is not making steady progress?"

Schools that remain in Certified Priority School designation for a minimum 3 years will undergo an SQR and the following Essential Questions will be researched to determine OPTIONS 4 ACCELERATION.

Are there certified schools with space nearby?
Is there a higher performing school that could merge at one or both campuses?
Is there a bench of Transformational leaders & pool of reform-minded educators to form a design team & spend a year redesigning with community?
Is there policy and bargaining agreements that provide a significantly autonomous district run school option partnering w/ a local provider?

Parent Action Teams (PAT)

Parent Action Teams will be formed in the first year of Transformation status and year two of Certified Priority School status.

Parent Empowerment is a focus area for Priority & Transformation schools.

PAT provides substantial feedback and recommendation on eligible acceleration scenarios to the S.S.D. and Superintendent consideration & Board of Education approval, if a school is not making steady progress.

4. Policy

Establish Defined Autonomy for Supports and Autonomies

Theory of Action is Site Governance based on Distributive Leadership

Distributive Leadership

The more strong teams a school has, the more autonomy is given.

  • Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)
  • Professional Learning Community (PLC)
  • School Site Council (SSC)
  • SEL Team (Culture Team)
  • Communications (Internal/External)

5. Policy

Board of Education Approves School Improvement Plans

Board approves plans in June each year.

6. Policy

Establish Quality School Development Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund focused on quality school development.
SSD (Strategic School Decisions)

Quality School Development: SSD (Strategic School Decisions)

In 2017, OUSD will conduct an initial review of the following Quality School Development priorities:

School Performance
1st Choice Choosers Enrollment
Resources to Program vs. Administration/Operations

STEP ONE: Survey & Analysis

Collaboration between Facilities, Enrollment & CSI to conduct a broad stakeholder survey & 1:1's that gather information on goals and context across Oakland regions.


This will include a dive into the Strategic Regional Analysis reports.

Mapping of Portfolio "Hot Spots"

STEP TWO: A Comprehensive list

Host spots identified based on SPM Priorities

  • Performance
  • Enrollment
  • Operations vs. Program (Facilities, Budget, Administration)



Annual Calendar of School Specific Engagements, Research, Scenario Development, & Recommendations

An Annual Quality School Development Decision-Making CYCLE will be established...


Establish process for Series of Engagements, Analyzing Scenarios w/ Parent & Community Stakeholders

Create Recommendation Protocol

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