English E4 CAT By Kayla Hardy

Step 1:

Web brainstorm

Step 2:


Keeping animals in captivity for entertainment purposes is cruel and wrong.

Step 3:


To move and convince the reader that keeping animals in captivity for entertainment purposes is wrong. I want to make an impact and help people to understand how captivity affects the animals.

Target audience:

My target audience is the general public, people with children, families who visit places like Zoos, Aquariums and animal theme parks such as SeaWorld. It also applies to workers at these types of places, people like zookeepers, animal trainers and performers who work with these animals.


In my essay I tried to show how outraged and angry I am. This issue also makes me sad so I wanted that to come across in my writing.

"We ruthlessly keep animals in cages mostly for our own entertainment which is selfish and unkind." - Anger

"It just shows how selfish people really are and how they will do anything to gain money, no matter how immoral or Ruthless they have to be, all they care about is themselves." - Outrage

"We knowingly ruin the lives of innocent animals for our own entertainment and yet we don't even blink an eye." - sadness

Step 4:

What was the intended impact?

To emphasise my point and make a powerful impression. I wanted to make the audience feel strongly about the subject and side with my viewpoint. I wanted to appeal to the Audience's feelings and emotions and make them really feel that the writing is directed at them personally.

How are you positioning your Audience to think and feel?

I want my audience to feel outraged, angry, merciful, deeply upset, empathetic and moved to action by my essay. By using different persuasive devices, I have positioned the audience put themselves in the animal's shoes and think deeply about our impact on them.

Which techniques are the strongest?

I definitely think that emotive language and tricolons are the strongest devices most likely to have a large impact. Emotive language appeals to the reader's emotions and feelings which really pulls on their heart strings. Tricolons are memorable, making your point more effective.

What could you have improved?

I think I could have widened my variety of persuasive devices and tried to make my writing a little more interesting. I also think I could have shortened it slightly.

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