Artificial Intelligence Emily Sire

Understanding of Artificial Intelligence:

My understanding of artificial intelligence has remained the same. My initial understanding was that I was very uncomfortable with the whole concept of artificial intelligence and those synthetics taking over jobs, people, etc.
Why are the lines blurring between the humans and the AI's ?

Based on the television show humans the story line is based in a parallel present where "the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a 'Synth' - a highly-developed robotic servant that's so similar to a real human it's transforming the way we live." Although the show is based on a fictional reality it's not that different from where AI's are currently going.

In regards to owning an artificial intelligence a typical day with one would be having the AI do simple tasks such as cleaning the house or moving things around to make living more efficient.

Android Bill of RightS

Personally I believe that androids/ artificial intelligence shouldn't have any rights because they aren't people like they don't have any real emotions or feelings. It's all faked through binary codes to make them appear human like therefore, shouldn't have rights.

As far as restrictions go they shouldn't be tried as people in terms of law because they aren't. But also if they malfunction in a hostile way there should be consequences for that.

Image of Intelligent Machine :

Top 10 Reasons for Being Against Artificial Intelligence

(Cons of AI's)

1. People can start to lose sense of reality

2. It's like people aren't doing anything at all

3. In the sense or morality there's no way to garuntee that they will have the same sense of right and wrong

4. It's difficult to comprehend them (how they work) so it would be just as hard to control them

5. There's the risk of serious malfunctions

6. The cost put into repairing and maintaining AI's

7.The more investment put into artificial intelligence the more threatening it is because of how dependent people will become.

8. AI's will lead to a larger unemployment rate

9. AI's lack common sense

10. Chances of Artificial Intelligence will overpowering human beings

Hopes for the World That Has Intelligent Machines That Look and Act Like Humans:

My hopes for the world that has intelligent machines that look and act like humans are that people don't lose what it's like to interact with other humans.

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