Three problems our countries still face is pollution. Three types of pollution are water, air, and water pollution. Some examples are oil spillage and particle pollution. Water pollution effects the water we drink. Air pollution effects the air we Breath. Land pollution effects the ground that we grown plants and walk on.

Land pollution is any type of harm that may come of Earth's land. Land pollution can happen naturally or it can be man made. Some man made land pollution can be coal mining or deforestation. Litter is another type of land pollution. Animals can get stuck in or die because of litter.

Air pollution is when harmful chemicals or substances are introduced into the air. When this happens it is called air pollution. Air pollution can have many ill effects, such as it can be harmful to breath it in or can make you ill. Air pollution can be caused by burning coal and fossil fuels. These are not the only types of air pollution, there are still many more that are harming our Earth.

Water pollution is when harmful chemicals or substances come in contact with rivers, lakes, streams, and more. This can be harmful to yourself because you may drink this harmful water and become ill. Oil spillage is just one of the many types of water pollution. A ship transporting oil may spill it into the water. This is a big deal. Also, this can heart the fish and other creatures swimming under the water.

I used the websites eschooltoday.com, greenliving.lovetoknow.com by Melinda L. Secor, and google.


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