Ronan's Equality Written and ILLUSTRATED by Canyon Nissen

This is Ronan, he lives in New York with his Mom and Dad.

Ronan loves to watch t.v.

Ronan saw a man and woman kissing on t.v and he confused. why does he never see to men kissing? he asked the smartest person he new, his Mom.

"Mom how come I never see to boys kissing on t.v?"

"Because its against "gods" rules, Its called being gay and it is DISGUSTING, and DON'T ever talk about that again!" ronan was very SURPRISED by his moms RESPONSE.

Ronan when to school the next day, He saw people saying mean things about gay people. "why are people so mean to other people just because they love someone?"

Ronan OPENED the news paper and saw that people beat up gay people just because they DON'T think its right.

The next day ronan when to school and he asked his teacher if he could make a SPEECH and she said yes, Ronan stood up in front of his class. "WHy do we hate anything that is different from us? JUst because someone loves someone that ISN'T there OPPOSITE gender or because of there skin color, we should just love everyone because we are all the same."

Ronans class agreed with him and they all cheered him on.

That day ronan made a big DIFFERENCE in his class, you can make a DIFFERENCE just like ronan just stick up for what you BELIEVE in!

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