The stages of digestion by margrethe reitan 10a

STEP 1: Mouth

  • digestion begins as soon as you put your food in your mouth.
  • the teeth and saliva, from the salivary glands under your tongue, break down down the food as you chew.

STEP 2: Swallowing

  • when you swallow, food enters your esophagus, which is connected to the stomach.
  • once the food is in the esophagus, waves of involuntary muscular contractions, called peristalsis, moves the food towards the stomach.

STEP 3: Stomach Digestion

  • the food enters your stomach through a muscular ring, or sphincter, that closes to keep food in the stomach and stomach acid to of the esophagus.
  • continue eating, your food's mixed with garlic acid and other digestive juices in the stomach.
  • Then the stomach empties this mixture into the small intestine.

STEP 4: Small Intestine Digestion

  • The food is digested more thoroughly in your small intestine, also known as the duodenum.
  • The small intestine, as well as the lives and pancreas, produces digestive juices and enzymes that separate out the nutrient in food.
  • among those enzymes are lipase and amylase from the pancreas.
  • Muscular contractions keep the food moving along toward the large intestine.

STEP 5: The Large Intestine

  • The digested food continues its journey into the large intestine.
  • The nutrients fats, carbohydrates and proteins, for example have been broken down and are ready to be absorbed through the intestinal walls into your bloodstreams for transport throughout the body.

STEP 6: Rectum & Anus

  • your rectum and anus are the last stops in your digestive system.
  • The solid waste left when your food is digested by your body still has some water, but also things like bacteria and fibre.
  • when you go to the toilet, you get rid of waste (sometimes called faeces or poo) by pushing it out from your rectum through your anus

How long time does digestion take?

  • the time digestion takes varies often between individuals and between men and women.
  • after the food has been put in the mouth it takes about six to eight hours for you for to pass through your stomach and the small intestine.
  • after when the food enters the large intestine for further digestion, absorption of water and, finally, elimination of undigested food.


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