Good Life Performance Richard Cochran

Walking into the theater was a new experience for me. I thought it was pretty neat on the design of the theater, how the boards on the ceiling were made to echo the sound around. I was excited to watch The Divine, because I do enjoy the performing arts, but have not seen a play in a while. I sat in the middle right of the auditorium so I could see everything going on from my view. When the lights dimmed I did not know what to expect, the size of the auditorium was perfect, it wasn't too large, and definitely not too small. Place or your environment that you are in are very important, they set the mood and make the experience. Your emotions are drawn out by the place you are in.
I attended this play with a buddy of mine. We both did not know what to expect, but left the theater impressed. We didn't do anything to get prepared for the play except read the pamphlets handed out to get an understanding of what we were going to see. Attending with a friend helped me understand how he experienced the play and what he took away from it. After the play it was interesting to hear what he had to say and why he thought like that. The role of shared experiences help humanize each other, we are all living life together and nobody really knows what they're doing.
The play showed different socioeconomic classes within the characters. Talbot and Michaud are from different upbringings and live different lives. I learned that though one of the priests had stolen before and gotten in fights, it did not define who he was as a person. Many people judge each other off of their past mistakes, but everyone has mistakes. As you see in the play, someone's pass does not make them a bad person. I would have to guess that this play took place in the early 20th century. The seminarian tried getting Sarah Bernhardt as the main character for his dream play. The performance changed my views about judging people on their looks or occupation. When he was becoming a seminarian and told that he had gotten in fights and stole before, it surprised me. He came from a hard-working family that busted their butt to help each other out.

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the seminarians came clean through out the play. He came into seminarian school as a troubled person, trying to overcome his past and his family's struggle to get by. He turned his life around by learning from the "good" seminarian throughout the play.

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