Science task card S2 By lyv

Step 1:

Step 2:

Wageners theory

When Wegeners theory of the continental drift was brought to light and published in 1912, scientists soon rejected it for not having enough evidence in his theory. His evidence explored similar fossils being found in different continents, and that the African and South American coastlines fit together perfectly; so he thought that maybe the continents were once joined, but scientists believed they had other explanations as to why this might be. He kept fighting that his theory could be true. Even scientists today still believe his evidence is weak, but now it is more accepted around the globe

Step 3:

Subduction zone
Subduction zone diagram

The subduction zone if formed when the tectonic plates move. When they plates come together, they either connect and rise up, connect and rise down, or one plate will go under the other and that plate will turn into magma. A subduction zone would be formed at a convergent plate boundary when the tectonic plate is composed of oceanic crust.

Sea floor spreading
Seafloor spreading diagram

Seafloor spreading is when the tectonic plates in the ocean separate apart and the magma underneath cools. It would occur in the mid-ocean ranges. For example, the North American plate would separate from the Eurasian plate and the South American plate would separated from the African plate.

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