Tahleez Bartels ART PORTFOLIO

Hello, my name is Tahleez Bartels, and this is my art portfolio. I actually made one of these at the beginning of the year but I didn't get to use it. I am in 9th grade and I'm a west student. I have always drawn in my at, but it never became a problem till 6th grade, that is when I really started to get a feel for drawings. My art improved further on and my teachers had to ask me to stop drawing in class. But usually I didn't listen, drawing became my passion, so much that my plan for he future to be an animator or comic illustrator and go to Cal Arts. These examples I've laid out is that art I was able to create.

This is my first attempt at still life drawing. I was unable to finish it, plus it was just practice but it taught me how to really capture a moment and focus in on a specific detail that a photo could pick up.
This is my hand, well my hand when I'm not looking at it. We were practicing drawing our lines in our hand and trying to get a feel for how it all jumbles together. I think it looks like a hand, and I think I did okay at this concept.
This is titled, "The Hand In the Shadow, That Really Isn't a Shadow". While drawing this pose I noticed I had chosen a position that was really complicated, but I think I pulled it off in the end. Unfortunately I made it too dark, But my hand was in a more downward position so that may be the reason why. I believe it could be improved, but my favorite parts are the nails and grove marks in the palm. Our real goal was to create depth for the first time and over all I'm okay with it.
This piece was one of the more tedious ones I did this year besides the snake. I've drawn wolves in the past and it's no surprised I drew another one. I like the idea of positive and negative spaced drawing, and thought this turned out great. The most annoying part was the fur, because I could never get it to flow just right. My teacher kept pushing me, and I'm happy with how it turned out. We were trying to test out how negative and positive space interact with each other, and creating a full figure.
This here, is the piece that won me the "Gold Key" in Scholastics. It is a stippling, traditional art piece of a snake. My favorite part of this piece was the end result, but unfortunately the middle and the start we all very tidious. But we haven't to create shadows and depth with dots, which is quite enjoyably. Anyway I believe that this is my one of my favorite pieces of this year.
These are the various facial features I had to practice. The ones that I had the toughest with were the ears. The reason for that is because of how they fold and poke out of the ear shape at the same time. I had fun finding mouths and eyes to draw and tried finding the most unique ones. These drawings helped me achive the portrait all together.
These two scratch boards are of some of my favorite people, Tom Hardy staring as Mad Max, and Markiplier. Unfortunately I made Tom too bright, and made Mark's glasses weird. I actually didn't mind these two! They we're really fun to draw and I wish I could've drawn more scratch boards. We were practicing creating depth with lines, and making texture with lines overlapping and going in different directions.
This is the practice sketch for our perspective drawing. I enjoy looking at it, because I really want to be a comic illistrator or a animator in the future and perspective is one of the many thing I need to know to accomplish that dream.
This is my actually perspective draw. I believes it doesn't get as much credit as it deserves, because I really like this piece. I think I pulled it off perfectly and capture enough details to perceive the original photo. I unfortunately don't like the windows but it was hard to capture what was behind it. I did enjoying the perspective art of it, and how everything is brought to a dot over in the distance that brings it all forward. In the end I like it.
These are my before and after pictures of my portrait. The first one is kinda lame, not a lot of detail and proportionately incorrect, but what can you expect from the beginning of the year😄. The last one I did was better, although I could've worked longer, but my teacher said I should stop, I thought the head shape wasn't correct. I can't deny that that is a lot better, and I honestly like the skin tone. I improved over s lot this year
This is the last piece I did this year and I actually like it! It turned out j ust like I wanted it and besides a few hiccups I think it turned out better than I expected. It really appears to look 3-D and I think that's what I like about it.
As for these, these are a compilation of my sketches and designs during this year, that helped me improve in my art.

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