The Divine

When entering the auditorium first there was a crowded hallway which as very unpleasant but I soon found my seat in the auditorium. Before the play the lights were on and provided a pleasant atmosphere for talking with friends. As the lights dimmed in the big auditorium, the mood shifted and the attention was brought towards the stage. With the lights off, I felt a sense of anonymity and this allowed me to further enjoy the play. being seated near the back, I also got to watch the other people in the audience which at times was more interesting than the play. The place you are in the physical world can add to your good life by having an amazing view.

i attended the play with my best friend Tristan. We got food together before the play. It made the experience much more enjoyable by sharing it with someone. having someone else made it easier to understand the meaning of the play because during the intermission and immediately after the play, Tristan and I were about to talk about what was happening in the play. Talking with another person bring in a whole new set of ideas that one usually wouldn't have been able to come up with on his or her own. As well as having Tristan with me, the experience was also affected by being in a crowd of people all doing the same thing. Being in a group of people adds a great energy to any situation. In this case it made me feel like the issues discussed in the play were going on to affect more people besides myself, Social experiences add energy and better understanding of events in the good life.

The main subject that I took away from the play is the absence of social mobility in much of the world today. In America we have the false perception that anyone can achieve anything and where you start out in life has no impact on where you end up. I already knew about this before the play because of a humanities class I had taken but watching the play with real characters really brought home the emotional side of this and how tragic some people's situations are. Now I am more sympathetic of people in bad situations and more in favor of government programs that help these people, especially the children.

Watching this play evokes a strong emotional response because of the controversial issues in it. I feel like myself and many people put up barriers in our minds to keep from thinking about certain topics. Personally, being catholic, it is hard to realize that there are some evil priest. It is easy to grow up trusting them so much. They are the people you go to to confess your sins. Everyone has heard the stories about priests raping young boys but I avoid thinking about that because it causes a disconnect between what I think and what the truth is. Watching this forces me to realize that priests are just people too. I believe that it is always better to understand the truth than to have false perceptions of things that make people feel better about their selves. This play forces me to realize that everyone is human and just because someone holds a title of power doesn't mean he deserves it.

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