Sit-ins By: Autumn theis

What lead to this event to happen?

African American were sick of being separated from whites and colored sides in restaurants, swimming pools, churches, drinking fountains, and bathrooms. These African American college students decided to sit at the white area in a restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina. Though they did not get service, and others would be cruel they sat there patiently, until they would serve them. These events happened in different areas as well from February 1 - July 25 1960 (5 months, 3 weeks, 3 days).

Sit-in from Greensboro, North Carolina

What were they trying to accomplish?

These events that happened were trying to accomplish equal rights for African Americans to be able to sit with white people at restaurants, use the same bathrooms, water fountains, swimming pools, and churches.

Sign separating colored from whites

Who was involved?

Four African American college students started sit-ins. They were inspired from Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. had helped them come up with this idea. These African American students started this event at Woolworth's store and sat there patiently until they got service.

Martin Luther King Jr.

What were some obstacles they had to go through?

These four college African American students faced threats and intimidations. Some would be jeered around were threatened by customers. Sometimes food or ketchup would be pelted at them. Some gave them looks like they wanted to start a fight, and if the people did get hit they would curl up on the floor and take the punishment. They overcame these obstacles because they were standing up for what they believed in, and made sure that nothing got in there way.

Lasting Outcomes:

Because this event had happened, African Americans are now allowed to sit wherever they’d like in restaurants, they can swim in the same area as us in pools, and they no longer have to go to a separate church.

Memorial of the Sit-in in Greensboro, North Carolina

Similar Modern Event:

A similar event from the sit-in is the 99%. The 99% are the people who stood on wall street protesting their story, and how we are 99% and the government is 1%. The 1% is supposed to represent the people who have all the money, while these 99% of the people suffer and try their hardest to make end meet. To get peoples attention they wanted to occupy everything.

The 99% Crowd

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