The Divine A Play for sarah bernhardt

The Spatial Experience: Upon first entering the Constans, I was amazed at how grand the front doors were and how the lounge looked. The lounge was marvelous and even included a real grand piano. I had gotten amazing seats, being only three rows away from the stage edge. This definitely made me feel more connected to the play as when the actors looked out to the audience, it was almost if they were looking at me directly. Once the lights dimmed, an sense of excitement came over me as the music begun and people entered the stage area.
The social experience: I attended the play with my girlfriend and I feel that I would not have enjoyed the show as much if I would have been alone. I was surrounded by older people so I did not have much of a connection with the strangers near me. Before going, I dressed up nice and really got in the feel of attending live theater. In my opinion, without the company of others, the good life would be impossible.
Cultural and Intellectual Experience: One of the main issues throughout the play was that of church and the reach it had over peoples lives. The Church was very prominent in the city the play took place it, and in times, controlled the press and what happened in the city. The were also very powerful where no one could say anything against the church. Everyone always jokes about priest and their disgraceful actions of the past, but this play really showed it to me in my face and made me feel disgusted of these actions.
Emotional Experience: The play led up to Katharsis throughout the entire time as the main character, Talbot, had to come clean and express what actually happened to his life and why he was such a angry person. His friend, Meyer, then pushed him to tell the truth and eventually went out to seek it him self.

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