Environmental Engineer DELANEY JACKSON 7TH PERIOD


Environmental engineers work to try and make factories and machinery to release less pollutants into the water,air,and Earth. Some Engineers also work to create cleaner equipment that works efficiently . They also obtain,update,and maintain standard operating procedures.

Work conditions and environment

Environmental engineers don't have just one work space, as sometimes they work in a lab,seminars,or a specific place outdoors depending on specific occupation.

Job outlook

The outlook is rising 16% for the years of 2014 and 2024. The reason for this is there is a rise in the need for factories and energy producing machinery. Also, with the rise in smog levels in China,and other major cities in the world, We need environmental engineers the keep the Earth clean so we can survive.


Most employers who need an environmental engineer only require a bachelors degree. (four years) Sometimes, you might need a specific degree in another subject, such as Earth Sciences or something else.

Colleges Nearby that offer this degree

Duke University,Marshall University, Kentucky University


Why I chose This Career

I really like being outside and I care greatly about the Earth. I also have a great interest our pollution rates and global warming.

Study Skills I Could Improve

  • Actually doing my homework
  • Proof reading
  • Studying more


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