Rogier van der Weyden By Jack Kasyjanski

Rogier van der Weyden, was born in the year 1399/1400 in Tournai, belgium. He died at the late age of 64/65 June, 18 in the year 1464. He spent his childhood in Tournai, but after he was married he spent the rest of his life in brussels. He might have gone to a university education, for in 1426 he was honoured by the city as “Maistre (Master). He had also he enrolled as an apprentice at Robert Campin a school for painters. His art seems to be more focused on christianity. He also paints murals of himself which means he is confident about who he is and he liked to draw. He created paintings St. Veronica holding 'Sudarium' , the Descent from the Cross, Men Shoveling Chairs. He gets most of his inspiration from the artist Thomas à Kempis. Rogiers work uses naturalism, because of the bright colors he uses in his paintings. He also uses Idealism in the paintings because they appear so formal and easy looking.

St. Veronica holding 'Sudarium'

The name of this drawing is St. Veronica holding 'Sudarium' and it was created from c. 1520-1525. The Flemish style was huge because people were just starting to use it. The Flemish style used the surroundings in their paintings. This style also included medium oil paints. The painting called to me in a religious point of view because of mary holding the cloth that has jesus´s face imprinted on it. The look on mary´s face says it all, she is upset and destroyed by the fact that her son is dead. Mary is expressionless in this painting and it matches what she is like in she bible. Idealism is key in this because it's a very formal the way it is presented. This is also related to christianity and that becomes a big part of the renaissance. This also represents humanism because of the emotion that is largely involved in how the painting is looks. The sad look on everyone's face in the drawing. The painting speaks to me and my religion and just seeing it reminds me of the crucifixion of jesus. I feel as if it is calling me to be apart of it. You can find this painting in New York at The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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