Good Life Tour of the Harn Marina Scherer

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

The painting I chose for this category is called Distraught Palm. It was painted by American artist Hiram Williams in 1990. I think that this painting in particular is important to see in person due to its use of texture and brushstroke techniques. You can tell that the artist carefully layered the painting and articulately used brushstroke techniques to try and portray his vision. What stood out to me the most in this painting was the use of vibrant yellow colors and the sense of chaos or falling apart presented through his painting technique alone. The artwork made me feel slightly confused at first while trying to analyze what it was supposed to be, but judging by the title I think that Williams was purposefully trying to evoke a sense of confusion.

Distraught Palm by Hiram Williams.

Design of the Museum:

I really liked the Highlights from the Photography Collection exhibit because of the aesthetics of the content involved and the layout it is presented in. The space is simple and easily maneuverable, planned out into different wings by category, exactly what an exhibit should be. I've been really into photography since I was in middle school, so it's something that i'm very interested in. I found it intriguing to navigate through different cultures and time periods by means of photography. Photography is interesting to me because I feel as if it's easier to relate to than traditional art for the average person. When looking at a good photograph, you can put yourself in the place of whatever or whoever is being photographed. I also thought that it was cool that the first thing that you see when walking towards the exhibit (framed by the arch) is the portrait of Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter who is known for her self-portraits. A wing of the exhibit was dedicated to black and white photographs of her life, which contrasts the in color portrait in the middle.

Art and Core Values:

The Guerilla Girls exhibit spoke to my core values the most. I am highly involved in the feminist movement and loved to see an exhibit promoting my values at the Harn. The images displayed in the exhibit managed to provoke various emotions such as happiness and even anger. The exhibit is very informative and could easily explain to someone what the feminist movement is actually about today. I thought that it was cool that they talked about female artists in comparison to male artists, but also brought the attention to wage gaps and employment rates (which are more easily related to). I may not be an artist, but I am a woman so I thoroughly appreciate this exhibit because it fights for my core values and for the core values of so many others today.

Art and the Good Life:

The photograph I chose for this category is titled Sheep Wranglers and was taken by Justine Kurland. The photograph is meant to portray a pastoral fantasy setting in which young schoolgirls roam free without worry. I think that this piece accurately describes what the Good Life should look like. A life without worry, a peaceful and accepting life. When I was reading the description of the photograph, I couldn't help but think that it would be perfect for this category. It helped me to understand the Good Life by realizing that tranquility should be a part of our lives. We're all so busy nowadays that we never take the time to just put our phones down and breathe. The girls in the photograph all seem to be enjoying themselves in the company of others, something we rarely do today. It reminds me that part of the Good Life is enjoying the simple things that life has to offer.

Sheep Wranglers, 2001.

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