Native Americans How Europeans Affected the lives of the Native Americans

Many Colonists came to New England to separate themselves from the American Indians. Colonists at Plymouth had a difficult time adapting to life in their new settlement. The Native Americans got their land taken away due to unfair treaties that were signed. The French and the American Indians controlled the fur trade. The Colonists traded objects with the Native Americans. Europeans and Colonists affected the lives of Native Americans by taking their resources, taking their land, and would have wars with the

The Europeans aren't just taking land from other tribes, but they are also taking their resources from the Native Americans. According to the text,” Spain took gold and silver from the aztecs in Mexico.” This tells me that Europeans can also take resources from the Native American by force. The text states,” Over time, American Indians began to depend on these European goods and resources.” This tells me that Europeans and the American Indians are soon going to team or join forces together.

Spain took this special aztecs gold in Mexico

The Europeans can take land from the Native Americans because they had many difficult ways looking for land. According to the text,” As more Europeans arrived and pushed deeper into American Indian lands, American Indians began to fight back.” This tells me that the American Indians and the Europeans would have war with each other. The text states,” American Indians hoped that in return for their help, the British government would help keep settlers off of their land.” This tells me that the American Indians would protect their land.

American Indians and European war.

The Europeans would have lots of wars and fights with the Native Americans. According to the text,” One night the colonists and their American Indian allies set fire to a Pequot village and killed hundreds of people. This is called a massacre, or a cruel killing of many people.” This tells me that the colonists and the American Indians would have a war. The text states,” In 1675, the Wampanoag chief named Metacomet brought American Indian groups together to fight back against English colonist in New England.” This makes sense to me because the American Indians would fight for their land.

The Wampanoag chief, Metacomet.

In Conclusion, there were many conflicts against how Europeans and Colonists affected the lives of Native Americans. For example, Europeans would take the Native Americans’ resources, their land, and would have war with them. Or Europeans would pretend they never did all those things to the Native Americans.

So, for example, Europeans meeting with the Native Americans for the first time.

But, could end up killing each other because of no trust.

And, could cause more tribes in danger.


1492: Christopher Columbus first makes contacts with Native Americans

1636: Pequot War

1640: Beaver War

1763: The Proclamation Line by the Iroquois

1769: Spanish Missionaries

1820: Treaty of Doak’s Stand

1838: Trail of Tears

1864: Sand Creek Massacre

1890: Wounded Knee

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