Perfecting perfection Some behind-the-scenes images of Augusta National applying the finishing touches and readying itself for the 2018 Masters.

GCI Senior Editor Guy Cipriano had the opportunity to stroll Augusta National Golf Club days before it would become the focal point of the golf world. He reflects on what the Masters means to golf.

"How beloved is the Masters? You can order a pimento cheese sandwich and convince somebody with a sophisticated palette you made a tasty dining selection. You can justify being detached from family members and colleagues on a workday. Or if you’re in the turf business, you can patronize an event that makes your life more difficult. A love for the Masters is why golfers demand bentgrass greens in warm-season climates and acres of unimpeded green. Turf professionals reciprocate the love by producing quality conditions on meager budgets."


All images: Guy Cipriano, GCI

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