Imperialism By-Toby borjon

The definition of the word Imperialism is a type of rule or like taking in charge of a empire or nation over foreign countries like a possession of a country kind of of like taking over a country almost like in war fighting over the most land they wanted.Some examples of Imperialism in real life examples would be when Mexico had control of almost half of the United States the history people would call it as Mexican Texas it lasted a while until I836.

A second example of a Imperialism is when world war 1 started when other countries saw how much Britain and France had of great part of land.Than it led to a main country Germany getting a little jealous and started a rivalry of how much land they had it happened in the late I800's

A third example of a Imperialism is in the I5 century when there was Indian tribes in the Americas and had there own land.Than later on in 1832 is when the supreme court ruled in favor of Cherokees in taking there land and so the in 1838 as the deadline approached thousands of soldiers and Georgia volunteers to kick the Cherokees out there land.

A fourth one would be when there was concentration camps and when they would imprison people from other countries and they would treat them bad and cruel.

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