Vitamins and Minerals Cameron bartlett


Water Soluble

This means something is dissolvable in water.

Vitamin B (Folate/Folic Acid)

Function: Helps the body make new cells Food sources: Spinach, Kale Deficiency: Spina Bifida

Vitamin C

Function: Protects the body against infection Food Source: Citrus fruits, strawberries Deficiency: Scurvy

Fat Soluble

Dissolves in fat

Vitamin K

Function: Helps blood clot normally Food Source: Dark green leafy vegetables Deficiency: Excess bleeding and bruising

Vitamin A

Function: Promotes good vision, hair, and skin Food Source: Red, Orange, dark green vegetables Deficiency: Night blindness

Vitamin D

Function: Builds and maintains bones and teeth Food Source: Milk/Dairy products and sunlight Deficiency: Rickets

Vitamin D

Function: Protects the membranes of white and red blood cells Food Source: Vegetable oils, fruits, and vegetables Deficiency: Poor nerve connection and neurological problems



Function: Strengthens bones and teeth Food Source: Milk/Dairy, Dark green leafy vegetables Deficiency: Osteoporosis


Function: Helps make red blood cells, helps our muscles store and use oxygen Food source: Animal products, meat Deficiency: Anemia


Function: Maintains fluid balance in the body Food Source: Salt, fruits, and vegetables Deficiency: Muscle cramps, irregular heart beat, seizures


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