Zoho Backup Tool: Download Zoho Mails to Computer or Hard Drive Export Zoho Mails to Microsoft Outlook Within Just Few Mouse Clicks

There are many email applications till today's date and people access different program, as per their need. One such email client is Zoho, which is specially designed for enterprise users. Like other email services are having solutions for backup creation, similarly Zoho also have a solution for the same i.e., Zoho Backup Tool. The software offers a most simplified approach to create backup of Zoho account emails and to save it in one or the other file format.

ZOHO is a web-based email application, which provides SaaS (Software as a Service) services to its user and provides many facilities like:

  • Managing the email accounts, which involve contacts, calender, notes, etc.
  • Enhancing the business by proving many applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho doc, etc.
  • Allow development of custom application quickly and easily.

Why there is need of ZOHO Backup Tool?

Depending upon the demand and need of client, there can be any reason for creating backup of the Zoho mail account. Some of the most common reasons are mentioned-below:

  • A user can switch from Zoho mail service to desktop-based email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., by creating backup on local machine.
  • Another reason might be that stored data on the server does not provide users full access and control.
  • Zoho backup can be a great help for a domain user account because it can create backup of several mailboxes of multiple users.
  • Data security is also provided to users, which is protected from eavesdropping and unauthorized access. Therefore, proper credentials are required for creation of data archiving.
  • The amount of storage provided by Zoho mail might not be enough and expanding it might require some addition cost. This means that either users need to clean up existing data or switch to some other email platform.

Zoho Backup Tool : Rapid Backup Solution

The application provides its users with a perfect and an accurate approach to create backup of Zoho mail account. It offers different setting options to its clients that they can generate backup file according their demands.

Features of Zoho Mail Backup Tool:

  • Backup Complete Mailbox Folders: The software is giving a smart solution with which users can backup Zoho account emails with all its folders like Inbox, Trash, Sent, Outbox, etc.
  • Save Backup in Outlook PST Format: This backup application is offering solution to store backup file in .pst format. It means that one can move from Zoho to Outlook without any chances of data loss with help of this utility.
  • Delete Server Data After Downloading: Zoho mail backup software offers an option to delete data from the server, after it gets downloaded on the local machine. One just need to enable this option and rest deletion will be performed automatically.
  • Feature to Pause and Resume Process: In case of disconnection in internet or any failure, the software offers an option to pause or resume the procedure. This will restart the procedure from which it was earlier paused.
  • Set Bandwidth and Throttling Settings: Zoho Backup software is offering users an option to mention bandwidth of the internet either in kbps or mbps for downloading data from the server. The tool will consume only that percentage of internet speed while working.


Zoho Backup application is offering the most speedy solution to save its emails on hard drive. One will have to share their account credentials to create backup of their account. It is guaranteed that details shared by our customer will not be revealed in front of third person and will be kept confidential from any theft.

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