The pandas All about giant pandas


What is black and white? It's a panda.

Panda is hiding.

Panda is a mammal. Mammal has a back bone. It's warm blooded and they give birth to a live baby. They give milk to care their babies. Most of mammals live in land. They use lungs to breathe.


Panda is heavy

Giant pandas have black and white furs. Giant pandas are about 200 pounds. It is as same as football player. Baby pandas are about 3 ounces.


It is eating bamboo.

Pandas eat grasses,roots,vines,honey,and bamboos. These foods are in the rainforests ,jungles,or others. When all the plants that they eat are gone,they eat meat.


Their habitat is forest.

Giant pandas live all over China. Their habitat is becoming dirty because people are cutting down the trees. If there is no panda's habitat, There won't be pandas. Their habitat is usually forest because forest has lots of bamboos.


Baby pandas are laying down.

Pandas live for 25 years to 30 years.One female panda gives birth to 1or2 babies. Baby panda call cub. Cubs are pink.


I think panda's habitats are endangered, because people are making pollution by cutting down the trees. If panda's habitat is in danger,pandas will be in danger. Pandas are keep being killed by people. They need for us because they prepare fur,so we can make things.


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