The Tea Act

In this cartoon I'm making fun of Great Britain.The English person that was selling tea has holes in his clothes.And he's selling all the tea for lots of money.I'm also making America look really good with a nice army in the background.During this time America was very mad because the English was making America pay lots on tea and other things.

Some facts about the tea acts include.The tea act started in 1773 after the Boston Tea Party.The tea act put high taxes on many other things besides tea.The main reason for this was to bail out the East India Tea company.The Tea Act was only one of the many intolerable acts.The tea act was connected or did the same thing as the townshend acts.When Americans smuggled tea the act just became more strict.Colonists didnt allow people to harbor their tea in the Boston shore.One of the main leaders against the tea act was Jhon Hancock.The East India Tea company couldn't ship their tea to London first they had to ship it straight to North America.Some of the leftover tea the East India Tea company had made became rotten in London warehouses.

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